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In the mist of sadness

This week Round Rock high school lost one of their students Kennedy Obilum. Unfortunately in this beautiful tragic life, we all experience loss. That loss is especially felt when a life is taken at a young age. Many of you may be feeling angry at others or even God. If that is you, know that it is ok to be grieving in that way. But do not keep your grief to yourself, find someone you can share it with. Most importantly share your anguish with God. There is an old Hebrew tradition found in the scriptures of sharing your feelings honestly with God, trust me God can handle it.

Perhaps you are not directly affected by tragic death of Kennedy Obilum, but your friends are hurting and you don't know how to respond. Here are a few basic ways you can help:
1. Be present. Plan on being there for your grieving friend.
2. Let pain be pain. It is not your job too take away their pain or to try and minimize it. You don't even have to talk, just be there.
3. Listen. Really listen. L…

Time to Stop Eating...for 30 Hours

People every year ask me why I am crazy enough to participate in not eating for 30 hours. I tell them a few answers. First, it is a good (and healthy!) spiritual practice to deny substance to ourselves, even things we need like food. It helps remind us that we are not ultimately in control of our destiny. Fasting connects us with God in a unique way. I would recommend that each of fast on a regular basis. Another reason that we fast in this particular way is that it teaches us that hunger is a reality to many people in our world. One of the great organizations that is fighting world hunger is World Vision. This particular event allows our youth (and you!) to make a difference by participating in the fast. Each student raises money, where one dollar will feed a person for a day.

If you would like to participate in the fast, please do so. You can find one of our students and donate; you can fast yourself or you can help out! With you help we can do our part to make sure the ne…