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Jesus puts us in the difficult places

You may wonder, or maybe not, where I get my ideas for what I blog about. This blog is mainly about how we as Christians can live out justice in our world. Sometimes I have other topics that I address, but in general as I read the news or religous publications I look for things that catch my eye and then I talk about it. And so it is that I can upon this article.

It is about the importance of faith to those who are gay. It is a great article that defines the real issue about where churches stand homesexuality. "According to its website, more liberal denominations and Christians tend to view homosexuality as a civil-rights matter. They generally believe it is a fixed, unchosen, normal, natural and morally neutral sexual orientation for a minority of adults.

More conservative denominations and Christians tend to view homosexuality as a profound evil. They generally believe it is changeable, chosen, abnormal, unnatural and immoral behavior, regardless of the nature of the relat…

Scandal alert: St. Philip's Youth Minister is getting arrested...sort of

Thats right. On October 28th I will be arrested at St. Philip's! For good. But not permanently. I am participating in a fundraiser for MDA and Jerry's Kids. I am raising money to help find a cure for muscular dystrophy in all of its many forms. If you do not know about md, it is a nasty disease that eats away at your muscular system and makes your generally weak and unable to function. Unfortunately many of the people that face the disease are children. The money not only goes to find a cure for the different forms of this disease but also for camps and retreats for those who are suffering. This is one way we can be the Church for a group of people who are probably often forgotten in the shuffle. If you are interested in helping out, here is my link:

And yes, on October 28th I will be arrested at St. Philip's around lunch time. You are welcome to come watch me get taken to 'jail.'

Thank you and God bless,

David …