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Surprised By Hope

So I am exploring the blogging thing again, just to get a few thoughts out.  It is going to be a part of my spiritual practice each day to blog a little-hopefully as a way for me to reflect on what I have been reading that day.
I am reading Surprised by Hope by NT Wright. I must have some kind of thing for the after life right now because I just finished re-reading Love Wins by Rob Bell. 
The passage that struck me the most in the preface to the book was this one: "Most people, in my experience--including many Christians--don't know what the ultimate Christian hope really is.  Most people-again sadly, including many Christians-don't expect Christians to have much to say about hope within the present world.  Most people don't imagine that these two could have anything to do with each other (pg 7)."
My hope in  reading this book is to be able to better express the hope of the resurrection so that I am able to help share that hope in both the present and future real…